Education (APAC+ME)
Class Preparation
Class Delivery
Campus Management
Distance Learning
Superior HD 1080p Clarity
in Any Environment
Low lighting conditions aren’t a problem anymore. With pioneering 2D and 3D DNR and WDR technology, the P10 can deliver crisp and clear image quality, even in difficult situations. Class-leading camera lens promise 1080p professional visuals, at any distance. Mid to large-sized meetings never looked so good.
Bytello Class
Make Courseware Anywhere
With Bytello Class, teachers can make courseware easily using preparation mode. Bytello ClassCloud supports accont logging in and files cloud saving.
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Make Your Classes Come Alive
With a new interactive flat panel, new firmware and app for class preparation and delivery, MAXHUB provides the total solution for all your educational needs.
MAXHUB Education Series
A simple, delightful, purposeful catalyst for learning
Available sizes: 55 / 65 / 75 / 86 inche
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Education OS
Customizable Layout | Android Note | Broswer Interaction | WPS Pre-installed
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OS Specially Design for Education
Customizable Layou | Android Note | Broswer Interaction | WPS Pre-installed
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Class Engagement Software
Bytello Class
A collaborative education whiteboard application for interactive displays, Bytello Class is purposefully designed for teachers to engage students with compelling content.
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Screen Share Pro
It is an integrated solution attendess to mirror mobile and PC displays, to view high definition photos, make vivid live broadcast, and deliver professional presentation.
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A Wi-Fi-based system enables easy interaction between the mobile terminal and IFP
Wireless Transmission
Send files or pictures from mobile devices to the IFP wirelessly.
Remotely Control IFP
Using their mobile devices, teachers can click, drag, scroll, annotate and make comments on the screen.
Campus Management Made Easy
Bytello DMS monitoring software enables easy, comprehensive management of interactive flat panels across campus.Cluster management functions include panel grouping, status monitoring, time & channel switching, volume control and information bulletins.
Bytello DMS
Device Management
MAXHUB centralizes control of panels across campus,with features including remote startup, shutdown and deep freeze,as well as united upgrades of OS and software.
Multimedia Bulletin
Broadcast messages, images and videos.
Cloud-based Software
There’s no need to download any apps.
Simply log in using an account and password.
See Clearly, See Big
Distance Learning Stars with MAXHUB
Even in large classrooms, MAXHUB UC S10 engages every student. The large, stunningly sharp display commands attention, and superior audio capabilities ensure every voice is heard.
Unified Communication Bar
Teach from Home
Reach the World
Teachers can work from home with a single MAXHUB interactive flat panel, one UC S10, and a laptop. Students can participate remotely via phone, computer or tablet. Integrated with both camera and speakerphone, UC S10 enables every student to see and hear clearly.
See Every Detail
The wide-angle lens accommodates every room layout. Auto-framing’s advanced face detection and voice localization algorithms keep all eyes on the speaker. The 12MP camera with 5x digital zoom provides clear detail during video conferences.
±15° Vertical Tilting Angle
12MP Camera
F/1.8 Aperture
120° Field of View
Face Detection
Auto Framing
Screen Share Function
Up to 4 Screen-share
LAN Port Ethernet Connection Available
Dual Mode Wi-Fi Connects Faster
Compatible With numerous teleconference apps
Teleconference In ways you like
Android 8.0 Built-in Smart OS