360° All-in-One Camera
Be seen. Be heard. Be amazed by the all-in-one conference camera that tracks every face or follows every word in small to medium-sized spaces.
Compact design. Expansive versatility.
Style meets substance in a sleek metal design that combines easy portability with robust capability and intuitive controls and displays. From one-tap mode switching to the LED voice location indicator, the UC M40 turns even challenging spaces into productive meeting places.
4K@ 25fps | 120° DFoV | 1/2.8" SONY sensor | HDR
Compact portability
As portable as your mobile phone
One-touch mute
One-tap display
mode switching
LED voice
location indicator
360° coverage. Minimal distortion.
Communication is more direct, and collaboration more natural and immersive.
360° panoramic wide-angle view
Even if you’re seated to the side, you’ll be front and center on the screen.
5MP 4-lens camera
The UC M40’s 4-lens 360° super wide-angle camera captures every participant’s face directly, without fisheye distortion.
All in the palm of your hand.
The UC M40 integrates a 360° camera, speakers, and voice-tracking microphones in a design as portable as it is stylish.
Just as impressive: The camera requires no external devices or time-consuming setup efforts. User satisfaction is built right in.
Standalone Mode- Ready when you are.
Plug in the USB and start your meeting. Operating in Standalone Mode, the UC M40 provides full performance right out of the box.
Free of software installation
There’s no software to install, no complicated settings to configure. Choose your collaboration scenario with a simple tap, and the intelligent speaker-tracking technology and 360° camera will take it from there.
AI auto-tracking technology | Two-direction simultaneous voice tracking
Discussion Mode
· AI voice tracking enabled, showing the two most recent speakers
· Supports two-direction simultaneous voice tracking
Beamforming Mode
· AI voice tracking enabled, shifting the 180° view towards the sound source.
Panoramic Mode
Quad View Mode
Portrait Mode
Compose Mode
Split Mode
Professional Mode - For precise performance
Have special requirements for your meeting? Activate Professional Mode and you can adjust a wide variety of settings, from camera angles to custom display layouts and auto-framing settings. While the UC M40 is small in size, it’s boundlessly capable of providing exactly the meeting experience you desire.
Compose Mode
Combining a panoramic view with closeups, you can view the whole room while seeing 6 key participants in closeup.
Manual Mode
Zoom into a specific area anywhere in the room.
Body-fit Mode
Focus on all the participants
Grid Mode
See closeups of 4 key participants simultaneously, each in their own quadrant.
Presentation mode
Focus on the whiteboard and the active presenter at the same time.
Speaker mode
See the whole meeting room while focusing on all the participants simultaneously.
Precise camera angle adjustment
Adjust the camera angle in accordance with your height and table size
Towering performance on every platform.
MAXHUB collaboration technology is compatible with all popular video conferencing applications. Whichever platform you prefer, the UC M40 will be your conference camera of choice.
Microsoft Teams
Cisco Webex